About CRU

CRU is the leading authority for the world of metals and mining, power and cables, fertilizers and chemicals. We produce over 150 products across these sectors and the global demand for our products is highlighted by the fact that we have customers from over 100 countries.

We offer independent, authoritative and knowledgeable services to a variety of players – investors, companies, governments and NGOs – within this rapidly changing marketplace.

You would expect us to offer highly focused consultancy. But that’s only one aspect of our total offering.

We also provide pricing and market data, forecasts and market analysis and up-to-the-minute news and costs.

Additionally, we are a leading creator of industry events and our training programmes deliver our know-how directly to the heart of your business.

CRU was established in 1969 and had its headquarters in London. We employ more than 250 people worldwide and have offices in Beijing, Santiago, Mumbai, Sydney, Rio de Janeiro Washington, Seattle, Philadelphia, Raleigh, Rhode Island and Pittsburgh.

For further information on our range of products and services, visit www.crugroup.com.