I used to have a login for CRUspi, but it does not work anymore. How do I get access again?

If you are not a Monitor subscriber, you will need to re-apply for a trial – apply here.

How are the CRUspi calculated?

They are derived from actual steel, stainless and metallics price assessments - published in CRU's monthly product-specific Monitors – and are weighted by apparent demand. They represent price movements in the USA, Europe and Asia.

When did CRUspi start?

With the exception of CRUmpi which started in 1997, the CRUspi series began in April 1994.

How often are they updated?

CRUspi Stainless and CRUspi Longs are updated on the Friday following the first Wednesday of the month. The remaining six CRUspi are updated on the Friday following the second Wednesday of the month.

How can I get access to CRUspi?

The main way to get access is via subscription to one of our related products. For more information visit the Subscriptions sections.

What is the difference between CRUspi and CRUspi Futures?

The key difference is that CRUspi Futures is a derived forecast of steel prices for the next 12-18 months.

What is CRUmpi?

This is the metallics price indicator and is derived from steel scrap, pig iron and DRI/HBI price assessments.

How much does a CRU Monitor subscription cost?

For further information on subscription prices, please email cruindices@crugroup.com

Why did the name change from Index to Indicators?

Primarily so as to avoid confusion between our U.S. Midwest hot-rolled coil index which is used in the settlement of physical and financial contracts. Also, the name indicator more accurately reflects the CRUspi methodology.

Are CRUspi used in contract settlement?

Yes, CRUspi are used in the settlement of physical steel contracts in more than 50 countries worldwide.