What benefits will I receive?

“CRU is our main source for current and forecast prices.”
Roberto Romero, Marketing Manager, AHMSA, Mexico

If you become a data provider you and up to 4 colleagues will receive the following package:  


  • Weekly price indices, including history, for each index to which you make a contribution
  • The facility to chart your data submissions against CRU’s indices
  • NEW: Access to CRU’s North American and European HR cost indices
  • A US$1,000 discount on subscription to CRU Steel Sheet or Steel Monitors*
  • Access to all 8 CRUspi series (Global, Europe, Asia, North America, Flats, Longs, Metallics, Stainless)


  • Access to CRU’s internationally renowned steel industry analysts
  • The opportunity for a member of CRU’s steel team to deliver an outlook paper at your offices
  • Receive an annual forecast white paper for the market in which you are a data provider
  • A VIP discount on CRU’s steel price data licenses
  • A VIP discount on CRU’s annual World and North American Steel Conferences

* Applies to US Midwest Indices data providers only

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