What information do I need to provide?

“We have confidence in the spot prices that CRU provide.”
Anthony Palermo Marketing, Operations Manager, BlueScope Limited, Australia

This is dependent on whether you are contributing to a Level 1.5 or Level 2 price index.

Level 1.5 data providers

Our current level 1.5 assessments are: Italian Hot-rolled coil, Italian Cold-rolled coil, Italian Hot-dipped galvanised coil, Italian Plate, German Hot-rolled coil, German Cold-rolled coil, German Hot-dipped galvanised coil, German Plate

Requirements from Level 1.5 data providers:

  • Submit data relating to the average price of spot transactions conducted within the survey period, typically once a week

Level 2.0 data providers

Our Level 2.0 assessments currently include U.S. Hot-Rolled Coil, U.S. Cold-Rolled Coil, U.S. Hot-Dipped Galvanised Coil and U.S. Plate.

Requirements from Level 2.0 data providers:

  • Sign a data providers agreement
  • In addition to price data, data providers also provide volume data each week, which is equal to the volume of orders to which the price submission refers