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“Consistently reliable, trustworthy. With CRU, accuracy is as good as it can get.”
David Leitner, Procurement Manager, Dorel Industries, Canada

Need to validate a CRU price from a supplier?

If you have received a price from a counterparty we can in some cases validate whether it is an official CRU price reference free of charge. Simply email the file received from your supplier along with the name of the CRU price and date you wish to validate to

CRU has been publishing steel prices since 1980. A lot has changed over the last three decades but one thing that hasn’t is our philosophy: To produce unbiased, objective and impartial price assessments that accurately reflect the underlying market.

Our unwavering commitment to this philosophy has led to widespread adoption and use of our prices by physical and financial market players from across the globe. This was illustrated through the results of some recent research that revealed that CRU steel prices are used in the settlement of physical steel contracts in over 60 countries around the world. Furthermore, our US Midwest HRC Index is used in the settlement of CME’s US Midwest HRC futures contract and was the first index to have its data providers and methodology audited by a third party*

CRU publishes a portfolio of Monitors that covers the whole steel supply chain: sheet, plate, longs, iron ore, coking coal, metallics. Subscribers to Monitors get robust and regular prices supported by expert market analysis, and delivered by CRU’s market-leading team.

To view a full list of CRU’s steel price assessments click here *The data provider agreement for CRU Level 2.0 Indices contains a unique audit clause.


“All other indexes are talked about, but at the end of day, CRU will be the go-to index.”
Matt Skica, Account Manager, Sumitomo Corporation of Americas, USA