Alumina price indices

CRU has collected alumina transaction prices since 1970 and presented them in our Alumina Publications since 1987. Initially, price collection was done on a monthly basis but since September 2011 CRU began publishing weekly prices, reflecting increased liquidity in the underlying alumina market.

At present, CRU publishes three alumina price indices:

  • Australia FOB (also known as our Alumina Price Index, or API)
  • Atlantic Basis Price (ABP)
  • Domestic China (which covers Shandong, Henan, Shanxi, Guangxi, Guizhou and Inner Mongolia).

Our robust approach and market analysis background have led to CRU’s alumina price indices – in particular the Alumina Price Index (API) – being widely adopted in the physical market.

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Alumina Australia FOB (Alumina Price Index)

The Australia FOB price (commonly referred to as CRU’s Alumina Price Index, or API) monitors transactions in the most liquid third-party alumina market. Transactions are normalised to the Port of Bunbury in Western Australia. While most transactions reported to CRU derive from Australia, we also take into account transactions elsewhere for alumina which flows within the Pacific region.

Alumina Atlantic Basis Price

The Atlantic Basis Price (also referred to Atlantic price) represents alumina transactions in the Atlantic Basin. Underlying market fundamentals lead to differentials between alumina markets in the Atlantic Basin and the Pacific region and, as a result, CRU reports two price series to measure this differential. While alumina on occasion flows between the Pacific and the Atlantic Basin, and vice versa, the price differential between the two allows market participants to understand the relative market balance in both regions. Transactions are normalised to the Port of de Vila do Conde in North Eastern Brazil.

Alumina Domestic China

We report domestic China prices on the basis of reviews carried out in key provinces. Up to February 2014, the price reported is the mid-point of the range although CRU typically disaggregates the range to explain provincial supply/demand balances in our Bauxite and Alumina Monitor. From March 2014, CRU provides regional prices for the following provinces: Shandong, Henan, Shanxi, Guangxi, Guizhou and Inner Mongolia on a separate basis.